F-Secure App Permissions

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What permissions does each app have?


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F-Secure App Permissions is a tool that will simply tell you what permissions are required by each app installed on your device, which is something you might not be aware of at all.

Some of the most common permissions that you usually grant to the apps that you install the following: the ability to make phone calls or send text messages, to track your location, to read your browser history, to read your text messages, address book, and calendar, or to access photos.

Thanks to F-Secure App Permissions you can know exactly what permissions you've granted to each app that you have installed on your device. So, if you don't like the permissions that, for example, a video game has, then you can simply uninstall it from your device.

The best thing of all is that F-Secure App Permissions sets a good example and doesn't require any permissions to install it on your device.

Requires Android 2.3.2.